Thursday, May 14, 2015

A little bit of paradise

Every Thursday afternoon you'll find me battling the heavy after school traffic in order to get my kids to their music lessons by 4pm. Usually there are arguments between 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter which just adds to my stress levels!

When we arrive at our destination though, I find that my stress ( mostly!) evaporates due to the picturesque surroundings of a little place called Griffin. A tiny community  on the shores of the Pine River. It's really only one street with a road running off the main area.

At the approach to Griffin there is an environmental center called Osprey House, dedicated to the preservation of the mangroves and the wildlife who live there. Osprey House has an important role in educating the public and has school holiday programs for kids too. ( My daughter has attended one)

While my kids are being educated musically, I like to walk the length of the main street with its spectacular river views. I make my way to the environmental center and proceed along the wooden walkways which are built amongst the mangroves.

The endorphins kick in as I walk at Griffin - the gorgeous surroundings and peace are just as good as a hit of dark chocolate! It's great to see people out walking their dogs, kids playing in the playground and fellas trying their luck at fishing.

At the end of the hour when it's time to head home, I definitely feel better. Driving in the heavy traffic doesn't even seem so bad - or listening to the arguments of my offspring!