Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Like & Love...

It's the first of January 2020!! A whole new year ahead - a whole new bloody decade!!

We were lucky enough to see the New Year in with my extra special sister/friend and her partner. I had been sick for days and wondered if I would feel up to an evening of excessive imbibing and possible herbal condiments πŸ˜‰

So still feeling congested ( but almost normal) I messaged my beautiful friend about us hanging out New Years Eve. She was enthusiastic but concerned about my health. I assured her I'd be more than happy to have their company. Besides, they plan to leave for Vietnam in early July....to live there for a year with a view making it their permanent home.They are usually over seas this time of year so it was a unique opportunity!!

I firmly believe that feeling happy and sharing laughter with people who 'get you' is the best form of immune system booster!!

It was a great night. I feel slightly hung over - but in a positive' hey that was heaps of fun' kind of way!!

I've been reflecting on this whole love thing. We tell family and friends that we love them.Is love a deep feeling of connection?  When we profess our love are we saying that we really care about those people? That we want what's best for them? And when it comes to family in particular - even when they treat us like shit we still feel that connection/concern/love for them??

Maybe, saying "I really like you!"  is even more important. When I genuinely like someone I enjoy spending time with them. I want to make time for that person - because I chose to, not because I am doing it out of obligation/the 'right' thing to do...

I am reluctant to admit this, but there aren't too many people on my " I really like you!" list. There are tons on my "Love You" list...( And there's a  subset of people who've made it into both😊)

This New Year, hell!! New Decade, has already started to roll... What do I want for my life in the weeks,months, years to come...??

Time for fun

Time for real meaningful connections

Time to be creative - in whatever ways that grab me!

To make a positive contribution to those around me without setting myself on fire...( Don't set yourself on fire in order to keep others warm)

To relinquish my job of  ' emotional caretaker '

More plants more walking

Be less fearful

Be less judgmental/critical - of myself and others.

Try to hold on to positive thoughts.

Geeze....I think I'll need some hops and herbs to help me accomplish that lot!!! πŸ˜‰

 Lizzie E πŸ’—


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